Most Annoying Street Glide Problems: Rounded Up (’06-19)

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Harley Davidson’s Street Glide motorcycles are a symbol of power and sophistication, embodying the essence of a classic American cruiser. They are known for their streamlined construction, sleek profile, and a comfortable riding position, making them a top choice for long-distance touring. Starting from 2006, the Street Glide shares the same frame as Harley Davidson’s popular Road Glide.

Equipped with a twin-cam 103ci V-twin engine and a 6-speed transmission, the Street Glide offers a smooth and powerful ride. The bike also boasts unique features like a satellite navigation system, a heated seat, and a premium sound system. However, like any vehicle, Street Glide motorcycles have their own share of problems.

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Common Street Glide Problems

While Street Glide motorcycles are known for their high-quality construction and performance, they are not without their issues. Some of the common problems reported by owners include clutch failure, problems with the oil pump, faulty display screens, and issues with the brake system.

Clutch failure is a common issue reported in several model years. This often leads to difficulties in controlling the bike and may even result in accidents in severe cases. Oil pump problems, particularly in the 2017 and 2018 models, have led to significant power losses after several miles of riding.

The display screen, a central feature in the Street Glide’s infotainment suite, has also been reported to malfunction in some cases. This can lead to the screen going black or acting erratically while riding. Lastly, brake issues are a common complaint among Street Glide owners. These range from weak brakes to total brake failure.

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Street Glide Years to Avoid

Certain model years of the Street Glide are more prone to these issues than others. Based on user reviews and recalls issued by Harley Davidson, the model years that riders should particularly avoid are 2017 and 2018. These years are marked by clutch failures, brake issues, oil pump problems, and a drop in performance.

Riders of the 2017 Street Glide have reported issues with ride quality and frequent vibrations. Additionally, the Milwaukee-Eight (M8) engine of this model is known to have wet sump-ing issues, leading to oil accumulation in the crankcase bottom and causing power loss.

The 2018 model continues to have problems with the oil pump. Moreover, it introduced new issues, such as engine stalling and clutch failure. The hydraulic clutch system’s secondary actuator leaks in this model, leading to control dissatisfaction when riders start the bike in gear.

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Analyzing the 2006 Street Glide Problems

The 2006 Street Glide, being the first model of its line, came with its own set of issues. These included problems with the fuel pump and display screen. In some cases, the fuel pump was reported to break easily, leading to starting issues and stall outs. Breaks in the fuel pump’s regulator shell could cause intermittent drops in fuel pressure, leading to a no-start condition.

The display screen, an integral part of the bike’s infotainment system, was also reported to malfunction. Some owners reported the screen going black or flickering and changing screens sporadically while riding. This was often due to a faulty connection in the bike’s wiring harness.

What Went Wrong with the 2007 Street Glide?

The 2007 Street Glide model continued to grapple with problems similar to its predecessor. Issues with the fuel pump and display screen persisted. Additionally, the 2007 model was plagued by problems with the clutch system. The clutch was reported to fail often, leading to difficulties in controlling the bike.

Issues Reported in the 2008 Street Glide

By 2008, some of the earlier issues had been addressed, but new ones surfaced. One of the main complaints was the bike’s weak brakes. Considering the bike’s weight and high center of gravity, riders felt that the braking system was not up to the mark. Some riders even upgraded their brakes with a better system, expressing dissatisfaction with the stock brakes on a motorcycle that costs almost $30k.

The Downside of the 2011 Street Glide

Despite improvements over the years, the 2011 Street Glide was not without its problems. This model year was marked by issues of warped rotors, leading to ineffective braking. Additionally, problems with the clutch system persisted, with frequent clutch failures reported by riders.

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Understanding the 2013 Street Glide Issues

The 2013 model of the Street Glide came with its unique set of problems. These included a stiff clutch lever and oil sumping issues. The oil sumping problem, in particular, was significant, leading to sudden shutdowns of the bike. Riders also reported issues with the battery, with the battery dying when the bike was left idle for a few days or weeks.

Detailed Discussion on 2014 Street Glide Problems

The 2014 Street Glide was plagued by numerous issues, including faulty saddlebag mounts and engine failure. The saddlebag mounts were part of a safety recall issued by Harley Davidson, with owners reporting that the mounts could easily disengage from the plate, causing the saddlebag to fall off. The engine failure was primarily reported in models with the 110-twin cooled engine, which was known for this failure.

Investigating the 2019 Street Glide Special Problems

While the 2019 Street Glide Special is a relatively newer model, it has not been immune to problems. Owners have reported issues with the fuel system, with the bike struggling to start even with a half tank of gas. This was often due to cracks in the shell of the fuel pump, leading to a drop in fuel pressure.

Conclusion: Are Street Glides Worth It?

Despite the issues reported across different model years, Street Glide motorcycles remain a popular choice among riders. They offer a great riding experience with their powerful engines and comfortable riding position. However, potential buyers should be aware of the problems associated with certain model years.

In conclusion, while Street Glides may have their share of issues, they are still worth considering, given their performance and the riding experience they offer. It is crucial, however, to do thorough research and perhaps avoid certain model years known for recurring problems.


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