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Complete Star Golf Carts Review: Garbage or Not?

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Navigating the fairways in ultimate comfort shouldn’t be a luxury. It should, instead, be a guarantee. This central belief has led us to exhaustively explore the various options available in the golf cart industry. Today, we turn our experienced eyes to a popular choice throughout golf communities. Welcome to our comprehensive Star Golf Carts review, where we dispense with curated photos and sales pitches to delve headfirst into the hard facts.

Do these carts not only promise luxury but actually deliver it, or is it all just a neatly packaged pile of trash? Throughout this review, we aim to provide insights that tell you exactly what your money gets you with a Star EV golf cart. Fasten your seatbelts as we embark on a fact-finding journey towards finding an answer to the burning question: Are Star Golf Carts truly worth their salt, or are they best left at the dealership?

Where Are Star Golf Carts Made?

Star golf carts are assembled in Greenville, South Carolina. Although certain parts of the manufacturing process are outsourced to China, Star Electric Vehicles is a US-based company. This means that rigorous quality control and testing measures are applied to each cart before it enters the US market.

Who Makes Them?

Star golf carts are manufactured by Star Electric Vehicles, a company owned by JH Global Services. The company, which started in 2003, has since evolved into a prominent manufacturer of premium electric vehicles suited for a wide variety of uses.

Here’s the Star EV corporation’s introduction video, so you can get acquainted with the company. When i visited their headquarters, they were still known as JH Global.

What Models Do Star EV Golf Carts Come In?

Star EV produces several golf cart models, each catering to a specific market segment. These include:

The Classic

The Classic model is the standard base model, with options for 2, 4, 6, or 8 seats. It offers room for the whole family and the safety required for street use.

Infographic showing the full line up of the Classic model from Star EV Golf Carts
Star EV Classic Model – Pictured (Top) left to right: Classic XP-2. Classic XP-2+2, Classic XPR-4, CLASSIC XPR-4+2, Classic XPR-6, and Classic XPR-6+2

The Capella

The Capella model is a mix between a golf cart and a street-legal cart. It comes with unique customization options and is street-legal right from the start.

Infographic showing the full line up of the Capella line from Star EV golf carts
Star EV Capella Model – Pictured left to right: Capella 2, Capella 2+2, Capella 4, and Capella 4+2

Sirius (and Sirius Lifted)

The Sirius and Sirius Lifted are the final two options from Star EV. These models stand out in terms of performance and aesthetics and are compliant for use on the road.

Infographic showing the full line up of the Sirus Golf Cart line from Star EV
Star EV Sirus Golf – Pictured left to right: Sirius 2, Sirius 2+2, Sirius 4, and Sirius 4+2

Honorable Mentions

It’s also worth noting that Star EV makes a series of commercial and utility carts, too many to list here actually. These carts fall into the following lines:

Commercial Use Carts

  • The U Series
  • The AK Series
  • The H Series

You can read more about these commercial carts here:
> The H Series
> The AK Series
> The U Series

Utility Carts

And, here are the utility carts offered by Star EV:

  • The Capella Utility
  • The M Series

You can read more about these utility carts here:
> The Capella Transit Series
> The M Series

What Features Do Star Golf Carts Have?

Star golf carts are equipped with top-of-the-line features, including:

  • LED headlights with high beams and daytime running lights
  • Self-cancelling LED turn signals on side mirrors
  • Powerful AC motor and 8 batteries for power, speed, and range
  • Full-color digital dash display
  • Locking front trunk with built-in insulated, drainable cooler
  • Aluminum roof supports for maximum strength, durability, and corrosion resistance

Frankly though, their aftermarket selection is huge and I suggest reading through their offerings to get a better idea.

Benefits of A Street Legal Cart

Star golf carts come with a variety of street-legal features, including:

  • AS5 windshield and wipers
  • DOT tires and safety belts
  • Headlights, brake lights, and turn signals
  • 4-wheel hydraulic brakes
  • Side and front mirrors

These features ensure that you can use your Star Sirius golf cart on the street legally and safely.

What Is Their Warranty? and How Long Does It Last?

Star EV golf carts come standard with a four-year warranty. This warranty duration is shorter than some other golf cart models, but it is still a crucial feature to have because their carts can suffer a series of issues.

What Does It Cover?

The warranty covers a range of issues related to the manufacturing and assembly of the cart. However, consumers should be prepared to replace batteries and tires over time as these wear out with regular use.

What Customization Options Are Available?

Star EV offers a range of customization options for their golf carts. These include:

  • Lithium ion batteries
  • Seat belts
  • Cooler
  • Matching roof
  • LED lighting
  • Premium windshield
  • Premium steering
  • Brush guard
  • Front storage net
  • Back up camera
  • Battery filling system

How Do They Ride?

The ride quality of Star EV golf carts is excellent. Even at high speeds, the cart remains stable. However, it’s important to note that these are large street-legal carts, which means their ride quality may not be as soft and comfortable as a luxury golf cart designed specifically for use on the course.

What Suspension Do They Use?

Star golf carts use a race-inspired chassis with double wishbone independent suspension. This provides a superior ride and enhances the cart’s handling.

How To Choose Between Models

Choosing between the different Star golf cart models depends on your specific needs. If you need a simple golf cart for personal use, the Classic model could be a great choice. However, if you require a street-legal cart with more customization options, the Capella or Sirius models might be more suitable.

I really like the Sirius model, but the Capella’s release truly was groundbreaking at the time. Check out this video to see why.

How Is The Shopping Experience?

Star EV offers a great shopping experience, both online and in-person. Their website is well-designed and easy to navigate, making it simple to review all the features of their carts.

What’s The Average Price Of The Star EV Golf Carts?

The price of Star EV golf carts varies depending on the model and customization options chosen. However, the starting price for a new Star Sirius golf cart is $12,999.

Where Do Star EV Golf Carts Win?

Star EV golf carts stand out in their value and customization options. They offer a range of high-quality features at a competitive price, making them a great investment for those looking for a reliable and customizable golf cart.

Are Star Golf Carts Reliable?

Star golf carts are known for their reliability. However, like any vehicle, they require regular maintenance to ensure they continue to perform at their best.

Do They Have Any Common Problems?

While Star golf carts are generally reliable, some users have reported issues with the brakes. However, Star EV offers excellent customer service and is known for addressing these issues promptly.

So, Are Star Golf Carts Any Good?

Star golf carts are high-quality, reliable, and well-built vehicles that offer great value for money. They come with a range of impressive features and are made by a reputable company. Whether you need a simple golf cart for personal use or a street-legal cart with a host of customization options, Star golf carts are certainly worth considering.

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How Do Star Golf Carts Perform in Terms of Handling and Power?

In my experience, Star golf carts offer excellent handling and sufficient power for various terrains. They’re reliable and smooth, making them suitable for both leisure and more demanding applications.

Are Star Golf Carts Built to Last?

Yes, from my use, Star golf carts are quite durable. Their construction is sturdy, and they use materials that withstand regular use effectively, making them a lasting investment.

What Are the Downsides of Star Golf Carts?

The primary downside I’ve noticed is the cost; they can be more expensive compared to other brands. Also, they could improve by integrating more advanced tech features.

How Satisfactory Is the Battery Life of Star Golf Carts?

The battery life in Star golf carts has been satisfactory in my experience. They generally provide enough power for extended usage, though it varies by model.

Do Star Golf Carts Offer Comfortable Rides?

Absolutely. The ergonomic design and spacious seating in Star golf carts contribute to a very comfortable and smooth ride, especially in their leisure and touring models.

Are Star Golf Carts a Good Investment?

Considering their quality and performance, Star golf carts are a good investment. They balance quality, performance, and durability, which justifies their price to an extent.