Icon Golf Cart Problems: Too Much To Handle? Worth The Risk?

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Navigating the world of recreational transportation can be a thrilling ride, especially when it comes to golf carts.

One brand that consistently sparks debate is Icon. Known for their sleek design and electric efficiency, Icon golf carts are often touted as the embodiment of high-end leisure. But beneath the glossy exterior, do these carts live up to their promise of performance? Is the allure of owning an Icon golf cart dulled by the frequency of reported problems, or do the benefits outweigh the potential risks?

This article will delve into the nitty-gritty of Icon golf cart problems, offering a balanced perspective to help you decide if these stylish machines are a worthy investment or a costly headache. Buckle up and join us on this exploration; your ultimate golf cart guide awaits.

So keep reading and let’s dive into this iconic (lol) brand

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Are Icon Golf Carts Reliable?

Icon Golf Carts have made a notable impression in the golf cart industry due to their sophistication, comfort, and striking aesthetics. They are designed with high performance and environmentally-friendly features, which makes them an ideal choice for golfers and non-golfers alike. But like any mechanical device, an Icon Golf Cart can exhibit certain problems over time.

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Common Icon Golf Cart Problems

Seizing Brakes

One of the issues commonly reported with an Icon Golf Cart is ongoing brake related problems. Over time, the brakes may stop functioning properly, or the pedal may feel hard when depressed. You may even hear unusual sounds during braking. This issue primarily stems from loose bolts, and loose connections, that can affect the cart’s performance. Other causes include stuck cables and worn-out parts.


To resolve this issue, a thorough examination of the brake unit is necessary. Tightening the unit’s loose bolts and routinely checking them can prevent and mitigate this problem. For stuck or tangled cables, carefully untangling them or replacing damaged ones can help restore the brake functionality.

Battery Issues

The battery, being a crucial component of an electric golf cart, is another common source of problems. Icon golf cart battery issues can arise due to a low charge, damage from poor charging habits, corrosion, or because the battery is past its service life. If there are loose connections, like when the battery terminals are loose or corroded, it can lead to sulfate buildup, hindering the current flow and affecting the cart’s performance.

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To fix battery-related issues, begin by checking the charge status. If the battery is low on charge, give it time to fill up before trying to start the cart. If the battery is old or damaged, consider replacing it. Cleaning the battery terminals can also help if corrosion is the issue.

Shorted Battery

A shorted battery is another issue that affects the performance of an Icon Golf Cart. This problem may occur due to a variety of reasons, including an uncharged or partially charged battery, damaged or rusted terminal wires, or lack of water inside battery chambers.


Addressing this issue involves recharging the battery, reconnecting terminal wires, cleaning rusted terminal wires, or replacing the battery if necessary. Otherwise, it’s advised to check the battery regularly to ensure it continues functioning correctly.

Charging Problems

Charging issues are another common problem with an Icon Golf Cart. If the battery doesn’t charge sufficiently when plugged in, it can cause a problem with starting the cart. Inspecting the battery and the charging system can help identify the issue. If the charging system is faulty, professional assistance from a professional technician, or a visit to the nearest Icon service center, may be required.

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Community Input

Here’s a video from a community member detailing a simpler problem on their cart, some squeaky noises:

What Kind of Batteries Do Icon Golf Carts Have?

Icon Golf Carts typically come equipped with AGM batteries, which are known for their durability and long service life. However, like any other battery, they can experience problems due to wear and tear, poor charging habits, or other factors.

Electric Motor Malfunctions

Another significant problem that can occur with an Icon Golf Cart is related to the electric motor. Issues such as a hard start, sudden stalling, or complete failure to start can be attributed to a faulty motor. These symptoms will occasionally be accompanied by unusual noises. The problem could stem from burnout due to overheating, overloading, faulty wiring, or pushing the cart beyond its operational limits.


Fixing motor-related issues may require resetting the motor, checking the wires and connections, or replacing the motor if the damage is severe. Regular servicing and working within the cart’s limits can prevent motor issues and ensure smooth operation for some time to come.

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Underinflated Tires from the Factory

Tire-related issues, such as underinflation or overinflation, are common with Icon Golf Carts. Driving with tires that have low air pressure can lead to a rough ride and may cause wear to the suspension system while adversely affecting the cart’s wheel alignment. Utilizing the proper air pressure provides proper tension to the suspension system; whereas, inadequate pressure has the opposite effect.


To fix this issue, ensure that the tires are regularly inspected and inflated to the proper pressure. Perform a wheel alignment as necessary. If the tires have leaks or are badly worn, they should be replaced. Otherwise, any ongoing suspension system issues should be addressed with the dealer immediately.

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Consumer Reports (What The Community Says)

Many users have reported satisfaction with their Icon Golf Cart, appreciating their striking design, smooth performance, and eco-friendly features. However, some consumers have reported common issues such as brake problems, battery issues, motor malfunctions, and tire problems.

Most Commonly Reported Icon Golf Cart Problems

The most commonly reported problems by Icon Golf Cart users include short battery life, charging issues, a faulty battery, and malfunctioning warning lights. While these problems can be frustrating, they are often the result of normal wear and tear, and they can usually be addressed with regular maintenance and timely repairs.

Are These Problems Too Much To Handle?

While it’s true that an Icon Golf Cart can develop various issues over time, these problems are generally manageable with regular maintenance and proper care. The majority of these issues are similar to those experienced with other brands of golf carts, and they can typically be resolved with the help of a professional or through DIY solutions.

Should I Still buy an Icon Golf Cart?

Despite these potential issues, Icon Golf Carts are still a worthwhile investment. They offer excellent performance, attractive design, and eco-friendly features. Furthermore, with regular maintenance and timely repairs, you can expect your Icon Golf Cart to serve you well for many years.

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How Do Icon Golf Carts Compare To Their Competitors?

Star EV

Star EV is a well-known brand in the golf cart industry, known for its high-quality vehicles. While Star EV golf carts also experience common golf cart problems, they are generally regarded as reliable and durable. Compared to Icon, Star EV offers a wider range of models, including both gas-powered and electric golf carts.

EVolution Golf Carts

EVolution Golf Carts are another competitor in the market. They are known for their innovative design and advanced features. However, like Icon, EVolution primarily offers electric golf carts, which can come with their own set of unique problems.

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E-Z-GO Golf Carts

E-Z Go golf carts have been a staple in the industry for quite some time now. Along with their longevity, they’re manufactured and distributed in Augusta, Georgia (my home state) meaning that they’re a high-quality domestic product that has been tried and tested. They may be more rudimentary than an Icon Golf Cart, but there’s something to be said in the perfection of simplicity, no? E-Z-Go golf carts are equally, if not slightly more reliable – to answer the question at hand.

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In conclusion, while an Icon Golf Cart can experience certain issues, they are no different than other electric golf cart brands in this regard. With regular maintenance and timely intervention, these problems can be managed effectively. The comfort, performance, and eco-friendly features of Icon Golf Carts make them a worthy choice for both golfers and non-golfers alike.

FAQs and Related Questions

1. Are Icon Golf Carts reliable and worth it?

Icon Golf Carts, known for style and eco-friendliness, do face common problems like seizing brakes and battery issues. While issues arise, timely fixes and regular maintenance can make them a valuable choice for both golfers and non-golfers.

2. What are common Icon Golf Cart problems?

Issues like underinflated tires, shorted batteries, and charging hiccups can affect Icon Golf Carts. Regular upkeep and practical solutions can maintain smooth performance.

4. Can Icon Golf Cart problems be managed?

Yes, everyday problems—battery, motor, and more—are manageable with routine care and repairs. These challenges are comparable to other brands, and Icon’s comfort and eco-features make it a solid investment.

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