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The Definitive Evolution Golf Cart Problems Glossary (Are They Worth It?)

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evolution golf cart problems infographic and main areas of concern

From my time in Peachtree City, Georgia – the golf cart capital of the world – and my time as a technician, I’ve always encountered Evolution Golf Carts in my personal life. Over time, the people around me began to quiz me, every chance they got, to see if the carts are reliable, and if I would recommend they buy one..

Boy did the brand catch on quick!

Evolutions are actually a great option that are affordable, and luxurious, for a (relatively) reasonable price; but they do come with their own costs. They are plagued with some issues straight from the factory, but for the most part they can be easily addressed by yourself – or by a professional.

So keep reading, and lets get into it, and see if Evolution Carts are for you – and if the dreaded Evolution Golf Cart problems are enough to scare you away.

Are Evolution Golf Carts Reliable?

The Evolution Golf Cart brand has gained a reputation for being eco-friendly, durable, and feature-packed. However, like any vehicle, they can develop problems over time. To determine if they are worth the investment, it’s crucial to understand the potential issues you may encounter and how to fix them.

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Frequent Evolution Golf Cart Problems

In this section, we will cover some of the most common problems faced by Evolution Golf Cart owners and provide troubleshooting tips.

Stock Battery Problems

An Evolution Golf Cart can develop battery issues over time, depending on usage and maintenance. Some common battery problems include:

  • Drained or dead batteries
  • Corroded or faulty battery terminals
  • Corroded or loose connections
  • Low electrolyte levels
  • Battery charger failure or a faulty charging system
  • Inconsistent battery voltage

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Gel vs Lithium Batteries In New Carts

A newer Evolution Golf Cart often comes with lithium batteries, which are lighter, more efficient, and have a longer lifespan than traditional gel batteries. However, they can be more expensive initially.

Here’s an infographic showing how gel and lithium batteries compare to traditional lead-based batteries.

lithium vs gel vs lead batteries infographic

Degrading Solenoids

Solenoids are responsible for transferring power from the battery to the motor. Over time, they can wear out or become damaged, leading to power issues and reduced performance.

What Causes Solenoids To Wear Out?

Frequent usage, corrosion, and electrical surges can cause solenoids to wear out or fail.

Inconsistent Motor Problems

An Evolution Golf Cart with motor issues can manifest as strange noises, starting problems, or reduced power. Causes of these motor issues may include:

  • Corroded or loose connections
  • Overheating
  • Burned-out motor components

What Creates Intermittent Electric Motor Problems?

Factors such as poor maintenance, excessive load, and environmental conditions can contribute to intermittent electric motor problems. I also suggest checking for loose connections, as they can create similar issues to when the battery terminals are improperly secured.

Forward & Reverse Switch Problems

The forward and reverse switch in an Evolution Golf Cart allows for smooth shifting between forward and reverse. Over time, it can wear out or become damaged. A faulty direction switch will cause difficulties when trying to enter forward or reverse mode.

How Do Forward & Reverse Switches Work?

Forward and reverse switches work by changing the polarity of the motor, allowing the cart to switch between moving forward and backward.

Speed Control Problems

If your Evolution Golf Cart struggles to maintain speed or goes into “limp mode,” it could be due to an issue with the speed controller. Causes of speed controller problems include:

  • Worn-out potentiometer
  • Faulty or loose connections
  • Controller issues

Evolution Limp Mode

Limp mode is a safety feature that limits the cart’s speed when a significant issue is detected, such as overheating or motor problems.

Accelerator Problems

Accelerator issues in an Evolution Golf Cart can manifest as a lack of responsiveness or difficulty controlling speed. The cause is often a worn-out or damaged potentiometer, which is responsible for regulating the cart’s speed.

What’s A Potentiometer?

A potentiometer is an electrical component that works as a variable resistor, controlling the flow of electrical current to regulate the speed of the golf cart.

Computer (Controller) Problems

Speed control issues on an Evolution Golf Cart can cause a range of issues, including erratic speed control, sudden shutdowns, or failure to start. These issues may be caused by:

  • Faulty wiring or connections
  • Frayed or broken wires
  • Damaged or worn-out controller components
  • Software issues

Brake Component Problems

Evolution Golf Cart brake problems can lead to decreased stopping power, squeaking noises, or difficulty applying the brakes. Causes may include:

  • Worn-out, damaged, or defective brake pads
  • Insufficient brake fluid
  • Loose or damaged brake cables

Do Evolution Golf Carts Have Motor Brakes?

Some Evolution carts are equipped with motor brakes, which use the motor to slow down the cart when the brake pedal is pressed. This is in contrast the normal mechanism where you hit the pedal and the brake pads clamp around the rotors behind the wheels.

Disc Brakes vs Drum Brakes on Golf Carts

Disc brakes offer better stopping power and heat dissipation than drum brakes. However, they can be more expensive to maintain and replace as higher performance means the brake pads will wear away faster and involve a more complex replacement procedure.

Steering Problems

Evolution Golf Carts can face various steering issues that affect handling and comfort. These problems range from mechanical wear to alignment issues, impacting the overall driving experience.

  • Play or Looseness: Excessive movement in the steering wheel.
  • Stiff Steering: Difficulty in turning the wheel smoothly.
  • Noises During Steering: Clicking, popping, or grinding sounds.
  • Pulling to One Side: The cart veers to one side while driving.
  • Vibrations: Shaky steering wheel, especially at certain speeds or when turning.

General Electrical Issues

Electrical system failures in Evolution Golf Carts can lead to a range of operational issues. These problems can affect everything from the cart’s starting ability to its overall electrical functionality.

  • Wiring Harness Problems: Frayed wires, loose connections, and corrosion.
  • Faulty Fuses and Relays: Electrical components not functioning correctly.
  • Ignition Switch Failures: Starting issues or stalling.
  • Battery Charger Failures: Inadequate charging leading to power loss.
  • Dashboard Malfunctions: Incorrect readings and flickering lights.

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Should You Still Buy An Evolution Golf Cart?

Despite the potential issues, many an Evolution Golf Cart is generally reliable, well-built, and comes with numerous features. Most Evolution Golf Cart problems can be fixed with frequent maintenance and timely repairs. They offer a good alternative to other popular golf cart brands in terms of performance, technology, and eco-friendliness.

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What Do Evolution Cart Owners Say?

Evolution Golf Cart owners generally report positive experiences, praising the carts’ performance, durability, and features. However, some owners have experienced issues with batteries, solenoids, and other components. It’s essential to research the specific model you’re interested in and consult with owners to gain a better understanding of potential Evolution Golf Cart problems.

Evolution Carts vs Competitors

Compared to Star EV

In comparison to Star EV, an Evolution Golf Cart offers more advanced features, such as touchscreen displays and lithium batteries. However, Star EV carts may be more affordable and have a wider range of models available.

Compared to Advanced EV

Compared to Advanced EV, an Evolution Golf Cart typically has more advanced technology and better performance. However, Advanced EV carts may be more affordable and have a longer history in the industry.

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When considering an Evolution Golf Cart, it’s essential to weigh the potential problems against the benefits and features provided. With proper maintenance and timely repairs, an Evolution Golf Cart can be a reliable and enjoyable investment for golfers and non-golfers alike. Keep in mind the competition and make an informed decision based on your specific needs and preferences.

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Why is my Evolution Golf Cart not starting?

Possible reasons include a low or faulty battery, issues with the key switch or ignition, or wiring problems. Consult a technician for a thorough diagnosis.

My Evolution Golf Cart is losing power quickly, what could be the problem?

Rapid power loss may result from old/damaged batteries, loose connections, motor/controller issues, or tire pressure related problems.

How can I troubleshoot my Evolution Golf Cart’s braking system?

Check brake fluid levels, inspect for leaks, examine brake pads/shoes, and ensure proper functioning of brake sensors/solenoids.

Are Evolution Golf Carts too problem-ridden to purchase?

While an Evolution Golf Cart can face issues like any vehicle, proper maintenance and timely repairs can help minimize problems. Research, consider warranties, and buy from reputable dealers to reduce potential risks.

Why Is My Cart Making Strange Noises?

If you’re experiencing new and unexpected strange noises, it’s likely that you have a worn axle bearing, or an issue inside the motor itself. In same cases, the brakes may be scrubbing against the rotor since most Evolutions utilize disc brakes.

Why Is My Cart Struggling to Charge?

Evolutions, in their earlier years, were particularly prone to charging issues stemming from worn out batteries, a faulty charger, or a more simple issue with the charging receptacle itself.